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Homeschooling made easy with Skylight Calendar

Family homeschooling

As homeschooling continues to gain popularity, parents managing your children's education at home can be hard. Keeping track of schedules and assignments is critical to ensuring consistency and discipline in your homeschool routine. Skylight Calendar offers an innovative solution to address these challenges and empower homeschooling parents and students alike. In this blog post, we will explore how Skylight Calendar can be a great tool for homeschooling and how its features can help tackle time management, consistency, responsibility, and autonomy.

What it is

Skylight Calendar is a WiFi-connected digital display that showcases your family's schedule with extraordinary clarity, color, and brilliance. Its 15" HD touchscreen — combined with the free mobile app for on-the-go updates — helps the whole family easily plan and manage events across different views and features. 

How Skylight Calendar can help with homeschooling

Time Management and Scheduling

One of the crucial aspects of successful homeschooling is efficient time management and scheduling. Skylight Calendar's intuitive interface lets you create and customize your homeschool schedule effortlessly. Sync your existing calendars - Google, Apple, Outlook, and more - so your kids can visualize their events using the touchscreen display. Color code each kid's events so they know which events are relevant for them. By having a clear view of their schedule, you and your kids can allocate dedicated time slots to specific subjects or activities, ensuring a well-structured and balanced homeschool routine.

Consistency and Discipline

Consistency and discipline are vital for homeschooling success, as they help establish good learning habits. Skylight Calendar's reminder feature is a game-changer for building consistency and discipline. You and your kids can set reminders for assignments, exams, project deadlines, and even routine tasks. These timely reminders keep homeschoolers on track and accountable. By maintaining a consistent schedule with Skylight Calendar, you can instill a sense of regularity and routine in their children's education.

Responsibility and Autonomy

One of the goals of homeschooling is to encourage responsibility and autonomy in students. Skylight Calendar provides an ideal platform to cultivate these skills. With Skylight Calendar's Chore Chart feature, both parents and students can collaborate and create their homeschooling assignments together. Kids can check off their tasks as they complete them, and get a confetti celebration once they finish their daily tasks. Additionally, using Skylight Calendar's mobile app, students can access their schedules and tasks on the go, allowing them to take charge of their own learning journey and stay on track.

Skylight Calendar can be perfect the solution to the challenges both homeschooling parents and students face, making it an invaluable tool for managing time, fostering consistency and discipline, and promoting responsibility and autonomy. With its user-friendly features like visual schedules, reminders, chores, and customizable options, Skylight Calendar transforms the homeschooling experience. Try it today with a 120-day guarantee.